Modern times require modern architecture

There is only a fixed seating arrangement for Symphonic at school or in the theatre. Because the company develops creative furniture for a wide range of applications with a high level of expertise and original ideas. Whether it's a communicative lounge, a representative conference room or a reception area in corporate design - Symphonic furniture inspires with exclusive designs, smart functionality and a high feel-good factor. Flexible and durable, the all-round talents implement sophisticated furnishing concepts in urban offices, luxurious hotels, designer shops and modern objects.

With its variability, Veda complements every productivity and office area in a valuable way - magnificent, practical and soft upholstery. The pouf is suitable for spontaneous meetings or serves as a shelf for small items. If one stool becomes more than one, creative islands are created on which visitors or employees can rest, exchange ideas, make phone calls, wait or work in teams or individually. The freedom and flexibility consists in choosing individually according to size and number, color and pattern as well as the function as a work, rest or meeting zone without having to decide. The ambivalent possible uses inspire body and mind. In addition, the seat cubes with a comfortable backrest can be modulated and can be equipped with different cover materials - whether fine imitation leather or extravagant woven velor. With its compact and simple design, Veda adapts to any type of space and works in both unusual and minimalist interiors.

Modern, functional, puzzle-like: The Vendi stool is an enrichment, especially for the office. Right-angled, circular, y- or l-shaped, with pointed or round corners, the different shapes always create individual constellations. If the upholstery fabrics are chosen in bright colors, a colorful feel-good paradise is created. With the help of these variable properties, meeting zones can be easily transformed into flexible work spaces or places for informal, communicative encounters - which also look unconventionally modern. Above all, the stools are easy to move without any effort and are suitable for quickly placing undisturbed waiting areas such as in the entrance area. Even as individual pieces, the stools are a visual highlight in the open workspace.

detail view of example compilation for stool Vendi | Stool landscape in different colors for office or creative zones

Flexible work zones for lively exchange are also created with Villo. The bubble-shaped side stool stimulates creativity and takes up little space. Ideal for short meetings or breather breaks. The modern stools ensure sufficient legroom and promote ergonomic sitting. This is complemented by the Vivo cube stool – square, light and comfortable. It stands for design-conscious innovation and, thanks to its cubic shape, blends in charmingly and unobtrusively with any interior. The stylish cubes become favorites among the objects and have an inviting effect on guests or employees. With their colorfulness and minimalist design, they create excitement and also act as an exciting piece of effect furniture.

Object areas are used in a variety of ways and require suitable equipment that is appealing, comfortable and functional at the same time. It is therefore crucial that the interior is optimally tailored to the respective usage requirements. Symphonic not only specializes in creating smart furniture with flexible options, but also in combining practical use and aesthetics. In this way, professional work, international conferences, intimate employee meetings and the stylish reception of guests in an ever more global world succeed.

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