Hard, soft, spring or foam: the type of sleep determines the type of mattress

Symphonic has different types of mattresses for different types of sleep, so that every sleeper can find the right companion. From cold foam and spring core to barrel spring core and micro barrel pocket spring core mattresses, there is a wide range that meets various requirements. You can also choose between 5 and 7-zone mattresses or reversible mattresses. The degrees of hardness vary between medium firm (H2), firm (H3) and extra firm (H4). The higher the hardness of a mattress, the more stability it has. Light people should opt for low, heavy people for a higher degree of hardness. In addition, the mattress models are available from Symphonic in various standard sizes to meet the challenges of different physical statures in terms of size and weight. The units of measurement differ in length, width and height. Upon request, the sleeping pads can be personalized and custom-cut to special lengths for any bed type.

Cold foam mattresses are interesting for those who weigh between 40 and 90 kilograms, sleep restlessly and turn over more often at night. Side sleepers in particular often change their position. With this type of sleep, it is important to note that the shoulders and pelvic area can sink into the mattress when lying on your side. This relieves the spine when lying down by retaining its S-shaped structure. The core should not be too soft, otherwise the hip region will not be sufficiently stabilized. Cold foam mattresses retain heat and are suitable for people who often shiver when they go to bed.

The ANILO reversible mattress with an elastic cold foam core has two sides with different degrees of hardness. It is firm at the top and a little softer at the bottom - depending on how it is turned. The sleeper can therefore freely choose between the degrees of hardness at any time. Regular turning also ensures a longer service life. The cold foam core has a wave contour cut that relieves the pelvis, shoulders, head and feet. The combination of hard and soft materials results in a model that carries people between 40 and 130 kilograms and works best for back, stomach and side sleepers.

Not only cold foam, but also barrel pocket spring core mattresses are ideal for side sleepers due to their high point elasticity. Sleeping pads made from barrel pocket springs, such as the ARIFE mattress from Symphonic, are intelligent all-rounders because they meet the demands of all sleep types. They adapt to any sleeping position and also carry all body weights. Due to its high resistance, this type of mattress is ideal for stomach sleepers who prefer cool sleeping. Adjustable and fixed slatted frames can be used here. Based on the strength and number of the integrated springs, the zones adapt individually to the respective body region. This not only creates the highest level of comfort, but also ergonomic and healthy lying. In addition, the embedded barrel springs promote a good sleeping climate, as the air can circulate better and moisture can be regulated. These models are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

Symphonic Microton Pocket Spring Mattresses are a variation of the traditional pocket spring mattresses. The difference is that the diameter of a spring is smaller than usual. This results in numerous independent support points per square meter and an even more point-elastic lying feeling. These models are the ideal choice for stomach and back sleepers. People who sweat a lot at night can also use this special version of the microton pocket spring core mattresses, as the moisture is regulated immediately. When sleeping, they stabilize body parts such as the hips and neck to a large extent. Deformation is also prevented due to the good stability, which is why the mattress properties are retained for a long time. A special feature of innerspring mattresses is that they can easily support body weights from 100 kilograms.

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