Mattress structure in detail: components, materials and design

Mattresses made from high-quality components

Whether spring core, cold foam, visco foam, latex or gel - a mattress consists of different components. The most important thing: the mattress core. It has a decisive influence on the feeling of being lying down through the selection and composition of certain materials and their respective specific properties. While latex and the various types of foam can make up 100 percent of a core, innersprings require an additional layer of padding. Spring cores create a slightly springy comfort due to the integrated spiral wires in the core. They are covered by a soft fabric for an all-round pleasant feeling of well-being. In addition, the different designs and structures influence the lying comfort. Incisions, surface profiles or bores in the core of each have a different effect on the suspension and degree of hardness. As with barrel or pocket spring core mattresses, this creates zoning that relieves individual limbs during sleep.

Mattress covers as a protective layer for the core

Covers finally fix the individual elements such as the core and upholstery. In addition, various functions are determined with it, such as a healthy sleeping climate through moisture-resistant materials or viscosity. Both thickly padded or quilted covers are used as well as flexible, thinner covers that preserve the ergonomic properties of the core. Cold foam mattresses are provided, for example, with a lower and upper cover layer that includes the foam. In a box spring mattress with two spring cores, the top and bottom core can be covered with double cloth covers with breathable climate fibers. This is followed from bottom to top by a high-quality foam plate, the spring core made of steel springs, to which a wadding cover is attached. Pocket spring cores are then placed on top of this layer, followed by another foam panel as a finish.


From the core to the cover

In mattress manufacturing, the core is the heart and the cover holds all the components together. The focus is on the core, as it has a significant impact on the feeling of lying and comfort. A piece is cut out of a large block of foam and formed into the mattress core. The foam mass is then identical and thus ensures a consistent, high quality as with Symphonic products. Special incisions are used to determine where the material should give way and offer additional elasticity.


Cold foam, for example, is very resilient and durable because it is cold-foamed and has a high compressive strength. During the final cutting of the foam, the material is mechanically compressed under high force so that air pockets can escape and a breathable, fine-pored core is formed. Unlike pocket spring mattresses, the individual pockets are often sewn in manually. The resulting spring core architecture is covered with foam. Finally, the cover finalizes the mattress manufacturing process and ensures a soft result with optimal lying comfort for different sleep types.

5-zone mattresses have different zones to relieve the head, neck, shoulders, hips and pelvis while sleeping. This type of mattress can be turned and rotated, as the neck and shoulder zones also act as support for legs and calves. Due to the zone structure, the lying surface is used in a balanced way, which ultimately leads to a longer service life. 7-zone mattresses, which have more detailed classifications, also work in this way. The difference is that they stabilize or relieve several body regions with the help of additional bearing zones, such as the lumbar spine. In addition, these mattresses adapt up to 90 percent to the bodies of adults, which is why they can be used flexibly and serve a wide range of sleep types.

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