Interior Trends: dynamic, flexible and high-quality architecture in all areas of life

High-quality materials, contemporary design paired with exciting functions combined into aesthetic and practical pieces that can be integrated into almost any interior. Due to the high flexibility, our functional furniture, which also looks good, is extremely popular. In no time at all, a sofa becomes a bed for overnight guests, the dining table becomes a desk and the living area becomes a wellness oasis, one room opens up several possibilities at the same time. Not only is the furniture flexible, but the room design changes with it, and with it the perception of object areas.

"The way we live and work is becoming more and more flexible, and so is our furniture - depending on the circumstances and needs, furniture is used as it is needed," explains Managing Director Philip Jandrisits of Symphonic. When society changes, so do living conditions. In the case of the architecture, it has to adapt to the new needs - with the help of a large variety of configurations and future-oriented functions. Optimized room solutions with sufficient storage space are in great demand in times of home offices. Breakfast is taken on the furniture in the morning, the meeting takes place at lunchtime and in the evening friends come to cook and the furniture serves as a worktop. A piece of furniture serves several functions here and is used for something else throughout the day. These all-in-one solutions are versatile and practical - especially when living space is tight and the furnishing focus is on sustainability.

In particular, the object sector and the hotel industry benefit from changeable designs. Because satisfied guests, visitors and also employees feel good the more needs are satisfied. Hotel trends are therefore: flexible room solutions such as sofa beds for enjoying coffee, a nap or as a temporary workplace and at the same time for a good night's sleep. Vacation and work should be compatible – in the same place. Because many hotels are already equipped for working from home and offer a number of options with multifunctional furnishings. Gastronomy is not replaced by an office, but supplemented, which can be used by bleisure travelers and locals at the same time without restricting each other. Business travelers looking for an alternative working environment will also get their money's worth.

In addition, digital change also creates potential for the hotel and catering industry. Your offer can be adapted and expanded to the emerging tourism segment. Essential basic requirements – in addition to good coffee – are created by free high-speed WiFi, sufficient sockets and ergonomic seating. We offer smart, multifunctional and modular furniture systems that can be configured according to individual ideas and wishes. The furniture has a wide variety of types and designs and can be equipped with various technical features such as storage space, various bed functions, hidden technology in the form of wireless charging and USB ports. This creates a safe feel-good atmosphere in which both fit: relaxing and working.

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