How do you best care for your upholstered hotel bed?

The hotel industry has high standards when it comes to choosing its beds. Above all decisive: the quality. Because the beds are used for a long time and by many different people. The mattresses have to withstand hotel-specific stresses such as high weight loads and abrasive movements. The SYMPHONIC mattresses are smartly equipped with special protective covers. Design also plays an important role. The identity of an object is defined by style, color and pattern, which is what makes larger hotels so special.

Upholstered beds in hotels require regular maintenance in order to meet hygienic standards. This applies to mattresses, covers, blankets, pillows, bed linen, frames and back parts. The inevitable contamination in the hotel industry includes dust, animal hair and lint. However, they are child's play to remove from the SYMPHONIC upholstered beds with fabric covers, as the materials are deliberately made to be user-friendly: simply vacuum or clean with an upholstery brush. It is also recommended to wipe the fabric with a damp cloth every six months in order to maintain the elasticity of the fibers. Steam cleaners, on the other hand, should be avoided as they attack the fiber structure. Heavier soiling is also part of the daily exposure - for example stains from leftover food or textiles that are not color-fast. If the cover is not removable and washable, the area can be treated with a special stain remover or a gentle upholstery cleaner.

SYMPHONIC does not just start with easier cleaning. The upholstery expert equips his high-quality furniture in such a way that dirt is less susceptible to attack from the outset. Cleanliness comes from valuable materials and careful workmanship. It is also important that bed linen and covers are washable at high temperatures without shrinking or impairing the structure. SYMPHONIC cushions are also boil-proof, quilted with climate fiber and retain their shape, so that they have a supportive and ergonomic effect and at the same time have dirt-repellent properties. Additional hygiene protection is achieved through the use of special mite covers. The hygienic covers are spray disinfectable, washable, skin-friendly and breathable. They are also mite-proof and anti-allergenic, making them ideal for guests with house dust allergies.

In order to meet the high quality requirements of the hotel industry, SYMPHONIC beds and mattresses are high quality, durable and hard-wearing. At the same time, quality labels such as Ökotex, ISO9001 or ISO14001 testify to pure, harmless materials and the company's environmental awareness. Because the well-being of the guests comes first.

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