The first impression counts: inviting furnishings of public hotel areas

A feeling of welcome as soon as they arrive at the hotel determines whether guests feel comfortable and come back. Equipped with armchairs, lobby and club furniture, public areas in a hotel determine the first impression.

A feeling of welcome as soon as they arrive at the hotel determines whether guests feel comfortable and come back. Hotel interiors influence the quality of the stay just as much as good food, wellness or leisure facilities. Public areas in a hotel are, for example, the reception in the entrance area with lobby, restaurant and café or the fireplace room as a chill-out area. Equipped with armchairs, lobby and club furniture, they determine the first impression with their shapes, colours, materials and arrangement.

Reception area and lobby as central points of stay

At the hotel reception, guests receive the first important information about their stay. This is often associated with longer waiting times. This makes it all the more important to have relaxing seating within reach. On the one hand, they slow you down from everyday life and offer comfortable opportunities to rest. On the other hand, cozy living landscapes send a warm greeting to visitors ready for vacation, who can fall into the pillows immediately after arrival.

Custom-made club chair and living area in elegant gray with red cushions in a crowfoot pattern | Fireplace room in Hotel Rosenalp

First impressions are collected and manifested here, comfortable hours are spent during the stay and meetings are held - a place for encounters and communication. The apparent living room of the hotel should have enough comfortable seats that allow both open exchange and personal retreat. Storage areas, sockets and bright lighting are also essential. Amenities include high-speed WiFi, motion-detector lights or smart TVs for entertainment in the lobby, and interactive touchscreen info panels that welcome hotel guests and provide all the key information about services and offerings.

In addition to the furniture architecture and its orientation, color concepts are also interesting components in interaction with the general furnishing of the object. In line with the rest of the hotel's design, a homogeneous style is maintained. Avant-garde contrasts can also be set, but they are consistent in themselves. Since object furnishings in public places have to withstand different uses, attention is paid to easy-care and durable materials.

Finn upholstered armchair with patterned fabric and custom-made upholstered bench in the hotel lobby of Hotel Reischlhof

First-class materials and optimized manufacturing processes in furniture production guarantee these properties, which are so important for hotel operations. The interior trends in the lobby include armchairs, upholstered benches, wing chairs, club chairs and cocktail chairs in colorful nuances. If this furniture is equipped with high-quality foam padding, fabric covers and durable materials such as wood, it remains durable and easily withstands the high frequency of use.

Restaurant, café and fireplace room for authentic experiences

The restaurant, café and fireplace room form cozy hotel areas. Here, people not only follow their basic needs, but also enjoy life with all their senses. This pleasure is also visually noticeable and reinforces what has already been realized: because, as is well known, the eye eats with you. Dining areas with aesthetic interior design and a bright, friendly ambience contribute to a good mood. Generously arranged seats are advantageous, so that even with many guests a pleasant freedom of movement is guaranteed for everyone - especially in connection with the walk to the buffet.

Materials, color combinations and the architecture of the furniture always reflect the identity of the house. Therefore, rooms and equipment should be well thought out. Durable and robust materials retain their visual appeal and become a recurring symbol with a sense of home. Bench systems in dining or fireplace rooms with modular upholstered benches, chairs and bar stools enable several variations in interior design and create seating with a cozy atmosphere.

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A feeling of welcome as soon as they arrive at the hotel determines whether guests feel comfortable and come back. Equipped with armchairs, lobby and club furniture, public areas in a hotel determine the first impression.

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