Digitization: a complex task

As a steadily growing company, we at SYMPHONIC decided to rely entirely on digital transformation even before the corona pandemic. We made it our task to keep pace with the advancing digitization in order to be available to our customers as a reliable partner as a young and modern company in the future.

The creation of a long-term plan and the development of a digital strategy that affects all areas of the company was our starting point. The aim is to adapt our business model to the dynamic developments in the market and changing customer needs. The last two years of the pandemic have shown us that we are on the right track. Leaving the comfort zone every day is the order of the day for us. This is the only way we can expand our digital vision, offer our customers the best possible service and constantly expand and improve our range.

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Quality assurance


Already knew? Upholstered furniture is used an average of 1,250 hours a year, and a bed as much as 2,920 hours. This means a high load on the feel-good pieces. Even more so if they are part of the equipment in the hotel or restaurant business. Because here they are also challenged by changing users and diverse demands. In order to be able to offer guests long-lasting, beautiful, well-kept upholstered furniture with pleasant comfort, it is therefore important to choose the right upholstery material - high quality, durable and tested.

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Digital strategy


Digitization is not a short-lived trend, but a complex task. The focus on digital technologies, which will become more and more important in the future, ensures that we have our finger on the pulse of the times and that we remain competitive.

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Cleaning hotel beds


For the well-being of the guests and thus also for the reputation of the house, well-kept, clean and comfortable beds are the be-all and end-all. Because whether on vacation or on a business trip, everyone here wants restful nights with a touch of luxury. A high-quality, spacious bed, freshly made, becomes the heart of the guest's private retreat.

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configurable and
made to measur

Most of our furniture is individually configurable and available in custom-made products.

production time

Benefit with your project through our short production times.

headquarter in
Anger, Austria

As an Austrian company, we primarily focus on traditional values.