Versatile, flexible, robust: bar stools in focus

Bar stools are much more than pretty object furnishings. They provide cozy comfort and emphasize the individual furnishing style. Both in the kitchen at home and at the hotel bar - bar stools are the perfect counter partners.

Seating is much more than pretty contract furnishings. They provide cozy comfort and emphasize the individual furnishing style in a unique way. Modern, slender chairs and soft fabrics such as velvet and velor in natural or iridescent nuances are particularly appealing. Guests immediately notice this design in a positive way, as it conveys a dignified lounge atmosphere in which to relax. Both in the kitchen at home and with a drink at the hotel bar, bar stools are the perfect counter partners. Because whether painted, natural, height-adjustable or as an upholstered version - they adapt and are flexible.

Longevity is the decisive criterion for object furnishing. Seating furniture is often exposed to high loads. Therefore, robust materials such as solid beech wood are particularly suitable for the base of seating furniture. Custom-made bar furniture is required so that you can sit casually at the bar and watch the waiter mix the cocktail. In particular, seating furniture with a personal touch is attractive to guests and creates an appealing feel-good environment.

In addition, ergonomic seating invites you to linger for a longer period of time. Comfort is characterized in the material by soft upholstery with high-quality seat construction such as foam, solid wood frame and some additional springs. When designing, care should be taken to ensure that the shape and color match the ambience and the spatial environment as well as the rest of the style of the house. With a high backrest, similar to dining room chairs, comfortable leaning is particularly useful for tired visitors. Low backrests with only a small projection or no backrest look particularly elegant and chic.

In addition, attention should be paid to easy-care cover material such as textile leather or high-quality fabrics so that few signs of wear are visible in the long term. The seat height is also crucial and one of the features for the best possible comfort. There should be a distance of about 15 centimeters between the bar counter, counter or table and the seat, and up to 17 centimeters for upholstered chairs. This leaves enough space for comfortable crouching at the counter. The distance between several stools at the counter should also be around 66 to 70 centimeters so that you can sit down safely.

Symphonic offers exclusive seating furniture in different designs and in different, configurable heights. Individual requirements can be met with various models. The static bar stools made of sturdy wood can take different forms. Stable four-legged frames and X-shaped stool legs offer stability for heavy, long and changing loads. Depending on your needs and design, you can choose your favorite design.

In restaurants and hotels, bar stools are more than decoration. High quality and robustness are the focus. Refined thoughts from architects are realized in durable materials, ingenious constructions, exciting colors and patterns in order to give a room character as a fully designed architecture. This character represents stability, which is anchored in the material itself and stands for the overall room concept.

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