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How the office becomes a living space


Architecture, design and function are also subject to change in the working world: away from conservatively conceived office furnishings towards creative offices. From stools to seating landscapes to upholstered furniture with or without housing: comfortable seating and modern communication areas are in demand.

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Bar stools in focus


Bar stools are much more than pretty object furnishings. They provide cozy comfort and emphasize the individual furnishing style. Both in the kitchen at home and at the hotel bar - bar stools are the perfect counter partners.

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Furnish public hotel areas in an inviting way


A feeling of welcome as soon as they arrive at the hotel determines whether guests feel comfortable and come back. Equipped with armchairs, lobby and club furniture, public areas in a hotel determine the first impression.

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Interior Trends


Nothing should be missing in the facility - but at the same time we want to live sustainably, ecologically and economically. This requires convertible furniture, in all situations, at all times. As a result, multifunctionality and flexible furniture are more popular than ever.

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New collection 2022


Our new products for 2022 have a fresh design. The new SYMPHONIC range is available now and can be found on our website and in the new product catalogue.

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New trends of the season


This year, hotel and contract sectors are benefiting above all from the increased interest in travel and in health and well-being in times of the pandemic. In particular, hotels with spacious wellness oases and SPA offers will be in high demand in the coming period. At the same time, the desire for sustainable products is increasing - in the hospitality industry as well as in the object sector. Because of the increased environmental awareness, the focus is involuntarily on the sustainability aspect. Products must be ethically and ecologically justifiable and carry the green idea.

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Mattress types


Hardness, materials, workmanship, sleeping position, size and weight are among the factors that are decisive when deciding on the ideal mattress. An important component for the hotel industry is sometimes the sleeping comfort of the guests. In this context, healthy sleep also plays an important role. Even if the hotel bed is a core element of the hotel industry, it is sometimes given too little attention. The reason for this is often a lack of expertise. In order to select the right hotel mattress professionally, a few details should be considered.

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Mattress structure in detail


The structure of a mattress is becoming increasingly complex. Versatile processes as well as high-quality materials and cover fabrics form a coordinated whole for the best sleeping comfort. Because the demands of buyers are getting higher and higher. Restful sleep and one's own health have become more important - people are more mindful and attach more importance to sustainable comfort.

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